Saying bye to 2018 tax season, I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU! 💵

I took a few days to dive into numbers and reflect on my year...

Bundle of dollar bills neon sign

Here’s what I found...

YOU CAN DIG YOURSELF OUT OF ANY THING. Yes, that’s right, you can overcome anything. I am walking proof of that.

5 years ago I lost every asset and every thing I worked for in my 20’s. My business partner and I split in the most unimaginably emotional way. The result was my bank account going to zero and shitty credit.

It’s been a slow but steady rise back up to the income and mental level I know I’m capable of ...

I made it.
I lost hope for a second, doubt set in. Only for a second, I had to remind myself everyday that self pity gets us no place positive. I pressed on why?

I love the crap out of my son. I don’t want him to grow up with an imposter of a mom,


If I did it once I can do it again, BETTER this time.

I’m walking proof you can go from $100 to your name and making $13,000 a year...
6 figures a year.

Don’t focus on getting there fast, focus on getting there smart. Don’t lose sight of what you know you’re capable of. Push yourself and believe YOU have the power to CHANGE your life.