Here’s the thing...


We put a happy face on when we have to. There's strength in pushing through your feelings. This Social Media thing is interesting. There's perfection in your face all the time. Everyone is striving for it. You rarely see anyone in the STRUGGLE.
BUT the struggle is real. They say, statistically, followers don't want to see the struggle, they want to see the success, the perfectionism. But the reality is, there's always a struggle. If you don't see it, it's still there.

Here's what you might see in this photo...
If I didn't know me... I would think the same thing I think of everyone else with the same smile and flowing hair. That girl looks like she's:
-got it together
-figured out
(I do feel all of those things. BUT)

Here's what you probably don't see...
-A girl with no dad and has never had one present.
-Girl who just went through a really devastating break-up.
-Someone who hasn't been able to pay her bills at one point in her 30's.
-You don't see a girl that's ADD
-A single mom

My point is, we don't know the real story. Especially at first glance. It's easy to compare yourself to people on the outside. 😱


We all go through the struggle. I am here to tell you it's ok. Feel it.

Just don't feel it for long. Hit it head on and face it with fierce power. Don't let it hold you down. The struggle is a part of your story. Don't let it go to waste by staying in it too long. Bust the heck out of it and tell the world how you did it. Your story matters. Share it. You never know who you might help in the process.